One-Size-Fits-All Skid Clamp System Single clamp set of 2 with extrussion rail mounting hardware


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Strong Single Skid Clamp set of 2 for any size of skids. Systems uses aluminum extrussion rails for full adjustability of sizes and locations.
Made out of sturdy plastic that handles summer heat, features snap-on lock arms for easy mount and unmount of the helicopters in the transport vehicle.
It can also be used with wood screws on top of a board or you can also screw the rails on wooden boards.


For a step by step instructions on how to measure your car and how to order the system please watch this video

2 x Single Skid Mount set of (4 plastic pieces total).
2 x M3 x 12mm button head screws
4 x M3 Thumbscrews
4 x M3 T-Nuts
4 x M1.6 x 4mm Socket Head Cap Screws
1 x Strip of rubber cushion.



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