Avant Mostro RigidCore™ Magic Dampeners (Avant SKU number: AV950141 )


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Avant Mostro RigidCore™ Magic Dampeners (Avant SKU number: AV000141 )

The Time-Proven best Dampeners in existence, the RigidCore™ Magic Dampeners are finally available for other helicopter brands. Using a custom-made non-linear compression plastic this dampener allows you to convert your head to a fully Rigid Head with its amazing upstairs maneuvers and F3N response and virtual elimination of boomstrikes but at the same time it avoids the Rigid Head drawbacks at low head speeds allowing for a supreme hovering experience. It allows you to hover down to an incredible 500 RPM which translates into amazing autos that don’t lose their energy and amazing hovering characteristics. These are the last dampeners you will ever need. Try it today and you will love them.

***WARNING***: Do not use the stock spacers/washers. These dampeners don’t use them also, the only thing inside the head block cavity should be the dampeners. No part of the old dampeners should be used.

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