XGuard Plus C82 V2 Power Backup System 82F w/Telemetry, Alarm, Remote Off & Radio Switch ports

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***NOTE***: To activate the radio switch hold the OFF button while powering the unit. To deactivate repeat the process


Regarding sizes, The 25 is mostly used in models where there is little space to install a 50 or 82. The larger the size the more time you have to land but all the models will give you plenty for landing for any size helicopter.

Note: Maximum input voltage is 8.2V

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XGuard Plus V2 C82 Backup Guard

Backup Power Pack with 82 Farad capacitors with Telemetry, Alarm, Remote Off & Radio Switch ports
Two Telemetry ports
One Remote Off port
One Alarm port
Servo Back EMF protector
Static electricity protector

The HUGE difference between the XGuard PLUS and the other units on the market. Not even close to XGuard! You don't want to miss this video.

If you have an EVO vControl please activate the temperature telemetry to have the activation alarm as shown in this video

The blinking red light is activated only when there is current consumption.

When you disconnect the power if there is no consumption the unit will not sense a drop in voltage so it won’t trigger on.
When you’re flying the simple forces of the blades make the consumption constant so it will trigger instantly.
To activate the switch off function you need to Press the off button while powering it up so you see all the LED lights flash three times.
You can always know if the radio switch feature is activated by looking at the number of times all the lights blink when powered up.
Please watch this video for more information.

How to connect to Futaba telemetry. 

To connect to a Futaba System you need to buy a Futaba Temperature Sensor so that you can use it to simulate a temperature alarm to indicate that the XGuard Plus has been activated.

This video explains how to program a Futaba radio for XGuard telemetry

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