XGuard RPM Sensor for OS Max Gasser Ignition Systems, power buffer and ESD Protector


There’s a new generation of RC Helicopters just being brought to the market that use the Helicopter version of the OS gasser engines. People that have them are usually forced to install separate sensors and magnets to make them work. This unit allows to use the built-in OS sensor to generate signals that are directly compatible with the RPM ports of all the flight controllers.

The rpm sensor conversion box will simply send a pulse every time the magnet passes by the OS Sensor to the FBL of your choice. The box doesn’t change anything about the pulse. It’s simply a copy of the OS sensor but compatible with the FBL RPM inputs. RPM calculations are done at the radio so you need to enter the correct gear ratio in your governor setup to get the right RPMs displayed in your radio.

Sensor Includes:
1 XGuard RPM Sensor for OS Max Gasser Ignition Systems
1 Servo Extension for connecting to OS GT33 Sensor

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